Services and Capabilities

Here is an overview of what we have to offer


CNC Mills:

Vertical | Horizontal

Machine List



– FADAL VMC-6030

– FADAL VMC-8030

– FADAL VMC-8030

– BRUTE Vertical Milling Center

CNC Lathes:

Live Tool

Machine List

– SAMSUNG Live Tool Lathe

Boring Mills:

 Precision Boring

Machine List
– UNION Boring Mill

Grinding Machines:

Precision | Surface | ID | OD

Machine List
– Kikinda Surface Grinder
– Kikinda ID/OD Grinder
– Moore Jig Grinder
– Mitsui Surface Grinder
– Landis ID/OD Grinder
– ATRUMP 616 Surface Grinder
– ATRUMP 1224 Wet Grinder
– SIP Jig Grinder

Support Equipment:

We have many different types of supporting equipment, but here is a brief list showing the more important equipment:

Machine List

– ATRUMP Bridgeport

– ATRUMP Bridgeport

– ATRUMP Bridgeport

– VICTOR Lathe with DRO

– VICTOR S1740 Lathe


Programming and design is essential to make precision products.  Here is the software we use for our proccesses:

Software List

– SolidWorks

– MasterCam

Quality Machines:

Verifying our product is accurate is a key feature to the production process.  Here is the equipment we have on hand:

Machine List


– Shadow Graph