About Us

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Our History

Warnke Tool was started by Bob Warnke in April of 1978 in his 576 sq. ft. garage. There were (3) bridgeports, (1) engine lathe, (1) cut off saw, (1) band saw, (1) drill press, (1) welder, (3) benches and just enough room for a small office.  The machining of small details for mostly 2nd Tier companies was the mainstay of the business.  By the spring of 1980, 7 acres was purchased on Metamora Road in Oxford and a 2240 sq. ft. building was built. More machines were purchased, including the first CNC Mill.  In 1984, more room was needed and another 3600 sq. ft. was added.  Warnke Tool began doing larger details and some light assembly.  In 1988 another 6000 sq. ft. building was put up and used primarily for rental income.  All the while Warnke Tool was branching out with more employees and more work.  By 1994, Warnke Tool had again out grown their building and made their final addition of 14,400 sq. ft.  More CNC Mills, CNC Lathes and Boring Mills were added, along with more employees.  Warnke Tool was now able to design, machine and build complete special fixtures, gages, and support equipment.  This was primarily for the Automotive Industry.  In October of 2008 Bob Warnke decided it was time to semi-retire and sold Warnke Tool to his brother Bruce, who had worked with him from the inception of the business. Bruce continued to build on all that Bob had accomplished over the years.  


Our Future

In 2016 Bruce Warnke decided that he would like to sell the business, and Warnke Tool was bought by Erich Becker and partners. They could see the potential the company had established. Warnke has had years of substantiated business and a roster of loyal customers. With that great foundation, there is still plenty of room to grow.  Erich, having been in and around the machining business for years, has been steadily growing the business. Since purchasing the company in August, 2016, he has added several new employees and 3 new machines. He sees the opportunities and will continue to increase the scope and volume of work.

CNC Experts

Our CNC expertise has given us the ability to grow with our clients expectations.  We are adding new technology and machinery constantly to be at the forefront of the industry.

Forward Thinking

Our outlook on lean manufacturing and cnc machining gives us the ability to look past the old and focus on the “new”.  From robotics to design, we think outside the box to reach out goals.

Problem Solvers

Many times, we are presented with a need that includes road blocks.  Our problem solving skills allows us to find the best way to produce your parts with the highest efficiency possible.

Customer Support

We work hand in hand with our clients to make sure their needs are met.  From quoting to the final product, we are here to make sure you get the parts you need with the highest quality.

New Building Overhaul – Coming Soon

We are changing quite a few things on our building.  From internal office and conference rooms to siding and landscaping, we are overhauling our headquarters.